The magnetization process

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When the magnet is produced, it is carried out in the condition that it is not magnetized, which indicates that the magnetic domain inside the magnet is random, so the magnetic flux value is not displayed in the outer part of the magnet.

In order to make the magnet external magnetic flux, we adopt another permanent magnet magnetization coil or solenoid provided to the magnet, strong magnetic field in rotating magnet internal magnetic moment so that it is pointing in the direction of the same.

The strong magnetic field can also be made by the protection requirements according to the guest special magnetization of fixturing, and produced by the strong magnetic polarity between magnetic field, the magnetization of the magnetic field of time used for a few seconds, or only for 5 milliseconds, when using the magnetic field is strong enough to the magnetization time will be shorter.

AIC has all the magnetization techniques, the solenoid and the power matching clamps can be 150 mm to the outside diameter, the length is 200mm magnet to be magnetized, the magnetic stone of multi-pole magnetization needs to make the corresponding jig specially.

The cost of the magnetic fixture is several thousand yuan of people. Usually, the analog fixture (for experimental purposes only) is built to carry out the engineering estimation.

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