Design capacity

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The operation of the complex and efficient equipment requires experienced engineers, then they conduct commercial and valuable design by means of the precision engineering instruments.

AIC holds the capacity of designing professional magnetic solutions trustworthy, and can achieve short-cycle and low-cost design solutions.

Application engineering

Under the circumstances that you are experienced in magnetic solution design, our application engineers can also provide technical and information support throughout your design. The entire process of our design is as follows:

1. Conceptual design

2. Preliminary design

3. Prototyping

4. Optimal design

5. Pilot production experiment

6. Confirming test support

7. Reduce costs

8. Additional capabilities

9. Magnetic field waveform distribution

10. Magnetic performance test

Aided design

To assist with your demands, designs AIC magnetic application engineers can provide for you include:

1. Magnetic modeling: two-dimensional, three-dimensional, asymmetry, temperature reliability

2. Design the relationship between the sensor and the application device

3. Complex analysis includes studying of the relationship among components, the sensor at the release point, and the magnetic field waveform distribution

4. Angle sensor

5. Switch and bolt lines

6. Ratio / line sensor

7. Calculation of complex adsorption force

8. Inserts and single shot shaping design

9. Manufacturing capability analysis

10. Verification the detection capability of solution