Ability to design

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Complex and efficient equipment requires experienced engineers to perform commercial and valuable designs with sophisticated engineering instruments.

AIC has a professional magnetic design capability that is worthy of your trust and can get short period and low cost design.

Application engineering

Even if you are experienced in the design of magnetic schemes, our application engineers will be able to carry out technical and information support for your design. Our design process is as follows:

1. Conceptual design

2. Preliminary design

3. Study of prototype

4. Optimization design

5. Test production experiment

6. Confirm test support

7. Cost reduction

8. Additional capabilities

9. Magnetic waveform distribution

10. Magnetic energy testing

Aided design

To assist your needs, the design of AIC magnetic application engineers includes:

1. Magnetic modeling: 2d, 3d, asymmetric, temperature dependence

2. Design the relationship between sensors and applications

3. The complex analysis includes the relationship between the sensor and the distribution of the magnetic field waveform

4. Angle sensor

5. Switch and latch line

6. Ratio/line sexy sensor

7. Calculation of complex adsorption forces

8. Insert and take shape design

9. Analysis of manufacturing capacity

10. Verification of programme detection capability