• 14Aug Fabrication and assembly

    Fabrication and assembly

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    profileAccurately, most of the magnet is not used as separate components, they and other components assembled into a magnetic element, then the applications of magnetic components to the fields of ind

  • 14Aug Magnetic testing

    Magnetic testing

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    Magnetic energy testing1. Magnetic energy detectionA) test items: Br, Hcb, Hcj, (BH) Max, Hk, Ms, mu rec, Hk/Hcj, etc.B) test instrument: magnetic hysteresis loop testerC) test range: Hcj 50 ~ 20,000

  • 14Aug The magnetization process

    The magnetization process

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    When the magnet is produced, it is carried out in the condition that it is not magnetized, which indicates that the magnetic domain inside the magnet is random, so the magnetic flux value is not displ

  • 14Aug Ability to design

    Ability to design

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    profileComplex and efficient equipment requires experienced engineers to perform commercial and valuable designs with sophisticated engineering instruments.AIC has a professional magnetic design capab