Magnetic testing

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Magnetic energy testing

1. Magnetic energy detection

A) test items: Br, Hcb, Hcj, (BH) Max, Hk, Ms, mu rec, Hk/Hcj, etc.

B) test instrument: magnetic hysteresis loop tester

C) test range: Hcj 50 ~ 20,000 Oe

2. High and low temperature magnetic energy

Any temperature between 40 and 250 is testable.

3. Reversible temperature coefficient

The temperature coefficient in the setting range can be measured and calculated.

4. Magnetic waveform distribution

The magnetic wave distribution of the magnetic field near 0.03 cubic meters can provide linear, plane and rotation, data and graphic output.

5. Flux measurement

We have many kinds of helmholtz coil test system, and have highly flexible, portable and efficient, automated test system for measuring magnetic moment, all output magnetic field measurement, the direction of magnetic field measurement and orientation Angle measurement error.

Gaussian value 6.

A fixed point measurement can be performed in a specified location, or a C type fixture, a yoke or a customer's designated tooling for measurement.

2. Physical and corrosion resistance testing capability

1. The salt fog

ASTM b-117 was used for this characteristic test, and the results were usually expressed by time failure.

2. High temperature and high humidity test

The test conditions are typically set at 80 ~ 95 and 90 ~ 100 % RH, the most common setting is 90 and 95% RH, which is usually the characteristic test.

3. Vapor pressure, uncoated magnet

Sometimes called a PCT experiment, a weightless experiment is performed at 2 atmospheres, 150 C and 100 % RH. The experiment time is 96 hours and can be adjusted according to customer's requirement.

4. Vapor pressure, post-coating magnetite

The characteristic experiment is to develop the invalidation under the specific experimental period. The experimental conditions can range from 2 atmospheres, 100% RH to high acceleration temperature and humidity and bias test conditions.

5. Physical strength

Our crushing strength tester can test tensile (pull) strength, 3 point yield strength and peel off experiment